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Concrete Jungle lyrics


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     Concrete Jungle
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        No sun will shine in my day today
    (No sun will shine.)
    The high yellow moon won't come out to play
    (Won't come out to play.)
    Darkness has covered my light (and has changed,)
    And has changed my day into night
    Now where is this love to be found, won't someone tell me?
    'Cause life, sweet life, must be somewhere to be found, yeah
    Instead of a concrete jungle where the livin' is hardest
    Concrete jungle, oh man, you've got to do your best, yeah.
    No chains around my feet, but I'm not free
    I know I am bound here in captivity
    And I've never known happiness, and I've never known sweet caresses
    Still, I be always laughing like a clown
    Won't someone help me?
    Cause, sweet life, I've, I've got to pick myself from off the ground, yeah
    In this here concrete jungle,
    I say, what do you got for me now?
    Concrete jungle, oh, why won't you let me be now?
    I said life must be somewhere to be found, yeah
    Instead of a concrete jungle, illusion, confusion
    Concreate jungle, yeah
    Concrete jungle, you name it, we got it, concrete jungle now
    Concrete jungle, what do you got for me now
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